• Minimum qualifying grade for each subject is D.
  • For students who have been admitted late and could not give any weekly test, their formative assessment total will not be done and result will be decided on the basis of second term.
  • In case a student does not appear in any of the papers in Summative Assessment I, for any personal and health reason, his/ her exam will not be taken again. His/ her result will be decided on the basis of II Term performance (Formative assessment +Summative assessment II) for classes IV-VII.
  • If a student is absent in one weekly test of a particular subject then his/her marks for other weekly test will be calculated as 75% of the weekly test in which he/she has appeared, provided the school has been informed through an application prior to the test or immediately thereafter.
  • The above calculation will be performed only, when there is submission of the Application along with relevant Certificate mentioning the reason for the absenteeism within next three working days. Otherwise the student will be given zero marks for that WT for result calculation purpose, and no Rank/Reward will be awarded to the student.
  • Such students who do not give all the papers in Summative Assessment I will not be eligible for Scholar badge. The eligibility for scholar badge for students joining school mid-term will be assessed separately for each individual case. It will be mandatory for the student to ensure participation in WT and Summative Exam held after the date of joining the school.
  • Those who are found using unfair means in any of the papers, will get zero numbers in the paper and will be perceived as failing in the subject. This will be enforced strictly.
  • A student who gets E1 or E2 grade in any one or more of the subjects in SA I will be given one chance of retest only in subject/subjects in which the student has not performed well. The syllabus of the test will be same as applicable for SA I
  • A student must secure atleast 40% in aggregate for each subject (both the terms taken together). If failing to do so he/ she shall have to appear for a retest in the concerned subject/subjects to secure a minimum qualifying aggregate 40%.
  • Kindly note that OVERALL RESULT is calculated as per following details:
  1. i) 30% of SA I
    ii) 30% of SA II
    iii) 40% of (FA I+ FA II+ FA III+ FA IV) 
  • It is imperative that parents view the answer sheets sent home on the very day and take up every issue relating to evaluation/totaling of marks on the next day. Any delay/lapse in doing so will lead to reporting of the marks as per lists prepared by teacher concerned. No change will be possible thereafter.

Behavior Policy

  • 75% attendance is mandatory.
  • Any involvement in issues relating to damage to school property/ use of physical force/bullying/use of abusive language of any behaviour against the norms of conduct of school, can make the student liable to disciplinary action including suspension from school.
  • We seek your co-operation in creating a environment which supports keen holistic learning of all students.

Knowledge Patner